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    "Why does the couple with an infant need a 4-person family plan, sold to them in a dulcet whisper by the girl-next-door AT&T salesperson? Does the baby need his own celly already? Is this a new trend I hadn’t heard of?"
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    Why "Love Actually" Matters | Mother Jones →

    This little piece was as totes dorbsy as the film itself. Well done, Mother Jones!

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    "Why is Coors Light so proud of the fact that their beer only tastes palatable if its freezing cold?"
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    "A bookshelf is like a framed collage. Every book is a photograph; every spine tells a story. Friends you left behind, enemies you’d long forgotten, places you’d once visited. This is why I keep my books."
    Emily Daniels (Naturalistic Benevolence)

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    Tom & Lorenzo talk to Yahoo about their new book & about their favorite past looks on Mad Men.

    Tom & Lorenzo talk to Yahoo about their new book & about their favorite past looks on Mad Men.

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    Crazy dreams

    I had a dream I got a vintage Cadillac coupe of some sort in white. I moved to a new house in Newton, right off the way of the marathon route. I was exchanging letters and pictures with a good looking man nearby who couldn’t write well. I then got a job working on a sports radio show and I wore a black and blue dress. I was the on air assistant for their TV simulcast. They wanted to ask what the heck this woman was doing on the show but I gave them my ‘don’t mess with me face’ and they all turned instead to try to flirt with me which I rolled my eyes at and then within an instant I was just a regular part of the show.

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    Ewww and also ohhh

Anatomy of a Dust Bunny.

    Ewww and also ohhh

    Anatomy of a Dust Bunny.

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    robert plant & tori amos-down by the seaside - YouTube →

    If you ever catch me listening to this, that’s your tell that I’m thinking of my dad.

    What a glorious moment in 10th grade when the Led Zeppelin tribute album “Encomium” came out and there, at the end if the tape (yes, I had it on cassette) was my favorite singer singing with my dad’s favorite singer. A bridging of the generation gap right in one beautiful cover song!

    Almost as soon as I realized it, I cued it up to play just before we left to go pick up my friends so he could drive us to the mall.

    "Hurry up, we’re going to be late!" He said. "Hang on…" =fastforwardfastforwardfastforward, eject=

    In the car I pop this baby in the Lincoln’s tape deck and switch roles. Usually Led Zeppelin would come on WLZX, Boston’s classic rock station (which now EEEK plays Nirvana as classic rock!?!?!) and every time Led Zep came on Dad would crank it and say, “Who’s this?” The answer was always Led Zeppelin. “What album?” Was always the follow up and “II” was most often the answer. Anyway, on this day, I crank the music and say, “Who’s this?” He looks at me funny, “Led Zeppelin?” In a question because its sounds like them but slightly different. “Yeah, Robert Plant. And who’s he singing with?” And the lilting female vocals come in on the duet—and Dad’s completely confounded. I beam, “Tori Amos—so, that’s my favorite singing with your favorite.” Silence, listening. I honestly think it was an “a ha” moment. Like, “Hmm kids these days, in the mid 90s with all this alternative rock, they might actually be listening to good music…” We didn’t have much in common but it was nice when our music taste coincided. That’s my favorite bonding moment with him. For no particular reason that came to mind today.

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